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Turning mobile phones into 3D scanners


Project Description

The goal of this project is to develop a system which allows users to build interactively 3D models of real-world environments by means of mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers. Regarding the repid progress in mobile technologies, this methodology bears tremendous potential by offering unprecedented interactivity and mobility. In particular, the feedback, provided to the user in the course of reconstruction, can assist his movements in order to construct a 3D model with the desired quality and completeness. Additionally, suitable high-resolution still images could be stored and used in an offline refinement stage.

While mobile devices have been employed in distributed systems for live 3D modeling, where a smartphone or a tablet is used barely to provide visual feedback to the user while all demanding computations are performed on a remote server machine, our efforts are focused on building a complete reconstruction pipeline capable of operating entirely on-device. This poses strict requirements on the efficiency of the developed algorithms, which are addressed by leveraging all computational resources available on-board like multiple CPU cores and a GPU. Furthermore, we exploit the information provided by the inertial sensors, that modern mobile devices are equipped with, to promote the camera motion tracking but also to estimate the metric scale of the captured scene.


Special thanks to Helen Oleynikova and Olivier Saurer.

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