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3D Vision

Project Suggestions

We provide a list of project descriptions which students might take up. However, students are free to make modifications or suggest new projects.

Your topic idea !

Make sure you have an idea about the components needed and that it can realistically be achieved within the semester. In case you propose something yourself, contact us as early as possible so we can discuss. In particular we have a ladybug camera (has to stay in the lab), a couple of GoPro HD Hero (robust small outdoor cameras), several android phones and could also organize a Fuji3D camera or other hardware if you have a good idea. In particular we encourage you to build simple 3D scanners that build 3D models from silhouettes/shadows/color images/kinect in simple conditions (known or uniform background, rotating only around a known axis, with known light source and so on ...).

List of project suggestions:

  1. Aksoy - Interactive 2D-3D Image Conversion on Mobile Devices
  2. Aksoy - Video Deblurring for Hand-Held Cameras
  3. Delaunoy - Image Deblurringusing 3D Camera Rotation
  4. Haene - Multi-Layer Stixel World
  5. Honegger and Tanskanen - Real-time Voxel based Mapping
  6. Jacquet - Constrained Structure-from-Motion Pipeline
  7. Kolev - 3D Reconstruction on Mobile Phones
  8. Ladicky - Large displacement optical flow
  9. Pollefeys - 3D from Motion Vectors
  10. Puwein - Motion Capture using Keyframes
  11. Sattler - Probabilistic Place Recognition
  12. Saurer and Haene - Optical Flow Based Camera Tracking
  13. Savinov - 3D car localization
  14. Tanskanen and Meier - Simple Motion Tracking System
  15. Zeisl - Dynamic 3D Modeling
  16. Zeisl - Image Localization and Change Detection

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