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3D Vision

Project Suggestions

We will provide a list of project descriptions which students might take up. However, students are free to make modifications or suggest new projects.

You need to form groups of 3 for the projects and send your top 3 preferred project topics by March 3, 23:59. The projects are first-come-first-served and the availability of the projects can be seen in the list below.

If you do not have a project group, please send me your preferred project topics. I will match students with similar interests and form the groups.


Please send your emails to: fede ατ inf δøτ ethz δøτ ch
For your email not to get overlooked, the email you send should have this title:
"[3D Vision] Project topic for SURNAME1, SURNAME2 and SURNAME3"
with the surnames of the members of your project group.
Please do not contact the project supervisors before you are assigned a project by us.

Your topic idea

Make sure you have an idea about the components needed and that it can realistically be achieved within the semester. In case you propose something yourself, contact us as early as possible so we can discuss.

List of project suggestions

The available projects are marked with green. Projects marked with orange are the ones assigned to an incomplete group, awaiting 1 or 2 partners. Projects marked with red are assigned to a group already. Please check this page before you send us your project preferences.

  1. Federico Camposeco - Benchmarking relative pose solvers
  2. Federico Camposeco - Simulating structure from motion
  3. Ian Cherabier - Semantic 3D reconstruction using a label hierarchy
  4. Andrea Cohen - Detection of repeated structures in SfM
  5. Dominik Honegger, Peidong Liu - Multi camera system calibration
  6. Lisa Koch, Katarina Tothova - Segmentation of the Heart on 3D MR Images
  7. Lubor Ladicky - Augmented reality with real-time physics simulation
  8. Peidong Liu - High performance and tunable stereo reconstruction
  9. Peidong Liu - High speed visual odometry with embedded stereo camera
  10. Fabio Maninchedda - Depth map and normal direction fusion
  11. Lorenz Meier - Orthogonal / Trifocal stereo
  12. Martin Oswald - Real-time 3D model difference reasoning with HoloLens
  13. Torsten Sattler - Fixing structure-from-motion (SfM) reconstructions
  14. Torsten Sattler - Detailed object reconstruction using HoloLens
  15. Olivier Saurer - 3D Selfie for game Avatar
  16. Olivier Saurer - Dense reconstruction via mesh sweeping
  17. Olivier Saurer - Micro baseline stereo
  18. Nikolay Savinov - Learning to navigate without a map
  19. Johannes Schönberger - Wide baseline matching using novel view synthesis
  20. Johannes Schönberger - Omni-directional stereo for 360° 3D virtual reality video
  21. Pablo Speciale - Construction progress tracking
  22. Pablo Speciale - Global model alignment
  23. Petri Tanskanen - Delaunay scene reconstruction
  24. Petri Tanskanen - Efficient texturing
  25. Petri Tanskanen - Simple AR game on mobile phone

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