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3D Vision

Project Suggestions

This year we will handle assignment of students to projects via doodle. Please go to moodle to find the instructions.

You can find the list with detailed projects descriptions below. You can also propose your own project, please contact Dr. Torsten Sattler and Dr. Martin Oswald for that (make sure you have an idea about the components needed, that it can be realistically achieved within the semester and it relates to 3D vision topic).

  1. Peidong Liu "DeepVO: Towards End-to-End Visual Odometry with Deep Recurrent Convolutional Neural Networks"
  2. Zhaopeng Cui "Deep Relative Pose Estimation for Stereo Camera"
  3. Dominik Honegger "3D Mouse Reconstruction"
  4. Olivier Saurer "Differential Rolling-Shutter SfM"
  5. Petri Tanskanen "3DScanBox"
  6. Daniel Thul "Camera Pose Estimation For Artistic Purposes"
  7. Lubor Ladicky "Transfer from Recognition to Optical Flow by Matching Neural Paths"
  8. Nikolay Savinov "Navigation by Reinforcement Learning"
  9. Vagia Tsiminaki & Lisa Koch "Appearance Representation based on Auto-Encoders"
  10. Peidong Liu "SuperPoint: Self-Supervised Interest Point Detection and Description"
  11. Olivier Saurer "Real-Time Surface Reconstruction"
  12. Zhaopeng Cui "Data Generation with Virtual Simulator for Autonomous Driving"
  13. Ian Cherabier & Martin Oswald "Data fusion for semantic 3D reconstruction"
  14. Yagiz Aksoy "Single Image Surface Normal and Semantic Label Estimation"
  15. Yagiz Aksoy "Single Image Depth Estimation"
  16. Yagiz Aksoy "Single Image Depth Reconstruction"
  17. Katarina Tothova "Surface Reconstruction in Medical Imaging: Data and CNNs"
  18. Vagia Tsiminaki "3D Appearance Super-resolution Benchmark"
  19. Vagia Tsiminaki & Martin Oswald "Super-resolving Appearance of 3D Faces for Dermatology App"
  20. Peidong Liu & Vagia Tsiminaki "Motion blur aware camera pose tracking"
  21. Johannes Schönberger "Interactive recorder for 3D reconstruction with the HoloLens"
  22. Martin Oswald & Pablo Speciale "Global Alignment of Meshes on Hololens"

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