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Poster Session

The poster session will start at 15:30hrs at in the hallway of the F Floor of ETH's main building.

Demo List

  • SEEDS: Superpixels Extracted via Energy-Driven Sampling — Michael Van den Bergh, Xavier Boix, Gemma Roig, Luc Van Gool
  • apsDVS - A High-Speed Sensor That Fills the Gaps Between the Frames — Raphael Berner, Christian Brandli, Minhao Yang, Shih-Chii Liu and Tobi Delbruck
  • Realtime Multiscale Motion Segmentation — Ralf Dragon, Luc Van Gool, Bodo Rosenhahn, Jörn Ostermann
  • Head pose free 3D gaze estimation from remote RGB-D cameras — Idiap Perception and Activity Understanding group, Kenneth Funes, Jean-Marc Odobez
  • webcamaze — Fabian Nater, Helmut Grabner, Luc Van Gool
  • Real-Time AR Light Probes — Kenny Mitchell, Fabio Zünd, Marcel Lancelle, Gioacchino Noris, Robert W. Sumner
  • Smart Mobile Mapping - Stereovision-based Road Asset Management — Joel Burkhard, Dr. Hannes Eugster, Prof. Dr. Stephan Nebiker
  • Spin-off Faceshift Demo — Gabriele Fanelli
  • Vein Tracking in Ultrasound Images — Maxim Makhinya, Alessandro Crimi, Gábor Székely, and Orçun Göksel
  • Class-free Object Detection — Santiago Manen, Matthieu Guillaumin, Luc Van Gool
  • SLAM Scan Technology — Dacuda AG

Poster List

  • Nested sparse quantization for efficient feature coding — Xavier Boix, Gemma Roig, Luc Van Gool
  • Face Recognition from Skulls — Bernhard Egger, Marcel Lüthi, Thomas Vetter
  • Next Generation Barcode Scanning — Gábor Sörös, Christian Flörkemeier
  • Worldwide Pose Estimation using 3D Point Clouds — Yunpeng Li, Noah Snavely, Dan Huttenlocher, Pascal Fua
  • Learning Context Cues for Synapse Segmentation — Carlos Becker, Karim Ali, Graham Knott and Pascal Fua
  • Low-Level Salient Region Detection Using Multi-Scale Filtering — Gökhan Yildirim, Sabine Süsstrunk
  • VarCity Project — Hayko Riemenschneider, András Bódis-Szomorú, Dengxin Dai, Ralf Dragon, Michael Gygli, Till Kroeger, Santiago Manen, Anđelo Martinović, Markus Mathias, Julien Weissenberg and Luc Van Gool
  • Multi-Commodity Network Flow for Tracking Multiple People — Horesh Ben Shitrit, Jerome Berclaz, Francois Fleuret, Pascal Fua
  • Transforming Image Completion — Alex Mansfield, Mukta Prasad, Carsten Rother, Toby Sharp, Pushmeet Kohli, Luc Van Gool
  • A higher-order CRF model for road network extraction — Javier Montoya, Jan Wegner, Konrad Schindler
  • A New Perspective on Uncalibrated Photometric Stereo — Thoma Papadhimitri, Paolo Favaro
  • Cluster-Based Color Space Optimizations — Cheryl Lau, Wolfgang Heidrich, Rafal Mantiuk
  • Multi-Commodity Network Flow for Tracking Multiple People — Horesh Ben Shitrit, Jérôme Berclaz, François Fleuret, Pascal Fua
  • Is there a procedural logic to architecture? — Julien Weissenberg, Hayko Riemenschneider, Mukta Prasad, Luc Van Gool
  • Semi-Automatic Shoeprint Matching — Adam Kortylewski, Thomas Albrecht, Thomas Vetter
  • Object detection and classification using sparse 3D information for a smart walker — Severine Cloix, Viviana Lucia Weiss, Guido Bologna, Thierry Pun, David Hasler
  • Piecewise Rigid Scene Flow — Christoph Vogel, Konrad Schindler, Stefan Roth
  • Combining Visible and NIR Cues for Semantic Image Segmentation — Neda Salamati, Diane Larlus, Gabriela Csurka, and Sabine Süsstrunk
  • Vision for social perception in face-to-face interaction — Dinesh Babu Jayagopi, Oya Aran, Laurent Nguyen, Alvaro Marcos and Daniel Gatica-Perez
  • Collaborative Visual SLAM with Multiple MAVs — Christian Forster, Simon Lynen, Laurent Kneip, Davide Scaramuzza
  • A ground change detection algorithm using colour and texture for a smart walker — V. Weiss, S. Cloix, G. Bologna, D. Hasler, T. Pun.
  • Image Priors for Image Deblurring with Uncertain Blur — Daniele Perrone, Avinash Ravichandran, René Vidal, Paolo Favaro
  • Improving the Visible with the Invisible: RGB+Near-infrared — Zahra Sadeghipoor, Daniel Tamburrino, Clement Fredembach, Sabine Süsstrunk
  • Generalised Perspective Shape from Shading in Spherical Coordinates — S. Galliani, Y. C. Ju, M. Breuß, A. Bruhn
  • Apparel Classification with Style — Lukas Bossard, Matthias Dantone, Christian Leistner, Christian Wengert, Till Quack, Luc Van Gool
  • Leveraging Prior Structural Information for 3D Reconstruction and Registration — Bernhard Zeisl
  • V-Charge: Toward Automated Driving in Cities using Close-to-Market Sensors — Christian Haene, Lionel Heng, Gim Hee Lee
  • Query Adaptive Similarity for Large Scale Object Retrieval — Danfeng Qin, Christian Wengert and Luc Van Gool
  • 3D Reconstruction and Semantic labeling — Christian Haene, Christopher Zach, Andrea Cohen, Roland Angst, Marc Pollefeys
  • Computer Vision for Sports Broadcasts — Jens Puwein, Remo Ziegler, Luca Ballan, Marc Pollefeys
  • Fast and robust respiratory motion tracking in ultrasound sequences — Valeria De Luca, Gabor Szekely, Christine Tanner
  • Glacier and Glacial Lake Monitoring Based on Optical Satellite Imagery as a Basis for Early Warning Systems — Maros Blaha
  • Detection and Anonymisation of Personal Information within Mobile Stereo-based 3D Image Datasets — Eric Kenneth Matti
  • Biometrics: person recognition, security issues and reproducable research — Biometric group @ Idiap Research Institute
  • City-Scale Change Detection in Cadastral 3D Models using Images — Aparna Taneja, Luca Ballan, Marc Pollefeys
  • Large Scale Geo-Localization — Olivier Saurer, Georges Baatz, Kevin Köser
  • Computer Vision on Low Power Hardware — Petri Tanskanen, Lorenz Meier, Dominik Honegger, Marc Pollefeys
  • Computational Validation of Three Perceptual Models for Geovisualization — Kenan Bektaş, Arzu Çöltekin, Jens Krüger

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