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Brief Description The goal of this course is an introduction and hands-on experience on latest mixed reality technology at the cross-section of 3D computer graphics and vision, human machine interaction as well as gaming technology. Small groups of students will realize a particular software project and deploy it to an MR/AR device such as Microsoft HoloLens or a tablet or smartphone.
Learning Goals The goal is to get a clear understanding on how to build mixed reality apps, covering current software SDKs and game engines, as well as foundations of 3D graphics, computer vision and human machine interaction.
Prerequisites / Notice The number of participants is limited. Prerequisites include:
- Good programming skills (C# / C++ / Java etc.)
- Computer graphics/vision experience: Students should have taken, at a minimum, Visual Computing. Higher level courses are recommended, such as Introduction to Computer Graphics, 3D Vision, Computer Vision.
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151-0317-00L "Visualization, Simulation and Interaction - Virtual Reality II"
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Course ID: 263-5905-00L (Autumn Semester 2019)
Instructors: Dr. Federica Bogo, Dr. Martin Oswald
Teaching assistants: Taein Kwon, Christoph Gebhardt
Lectures: Tuesdays from 15:00-18:00 in LFW C5

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