We have 19 papers accepted at ICCV 2023. Congrats to everyone and see you in Paris!

Papers include:

SGAligner: 3D Scene Alignment with Scene Graphs
S. D. Sarkar, O. Miksik, M. Pollefeys, D. Barath, I. Armeni

Fast Globally Optimal Surface Normal Estimation from an Affine Correspondence
L. Hajder, D. Barath, L. Lóczi

LightGlue: Local Feature Matching at Light Speed
P. Lindenberger, P. Sarlin, M. Pollefeys

RegFormer: An Efficient Projection-Aware Transformer Network for Large-Scale Point Cloud Registration
J. Liu, G. Wang, Z. Liu, C. Jiang, M. Pollefeys, H. Wang

RLSAC: Reinforcement Learning enhanced Sample Consensus for End-to-End Robust Estimation
C. Nie, G. Wang, Z. Liu, L. Cavalli, M. Pollefeys, H. Wang

Privacy Preserving Localization via Coordinate Permutations
L. Pan, J. Schönberger, V. Larsson, M. Pollefeys

GlueStick: Robust Image Matching by Sticking Points and Lines Together
R. Pautrat, I. Suárez, Y. Yu, M. Pollefeys, V. Larsson

Vanishing Point Estimation in Uncalibrated Images with Prior Gravity Direction
R. Pautrat, S. Liu, P. Hruby, M. Pollefeys, D. Barath

Tracking by 3D Model Estimation of Unknown Objects in Videos
D. Rozumnyi, J. Matas, M. Pollefeys, V. Ferrari, M. Oswald

R3D3: Dense 3D Reconstruction of Dynamic Scenes from Multiple Cameras
A. Schmied, T. Fischer, M. Danelljan, M. Pollefeys, F. Yu

P1AC: Revisiting Absolute Pose From a Single Affine Correspondence [ORAL]
J. Ventura, Z. Kukelova, T. Sattler, D. Barath

Guiding Local Feature Matching with Surface Curvature
S. Wang, J. Kannala, M. Pollefeys, D. Barath

HoloAssist: an Egocentric Human Interaction Dataset for Interactive AI Assistants in the Real World
X. Wang, T. Kwon, M. Rad, B. Pan, I. Chakraborty, S. Andrist, D. Bohus, A. Feniello, B. Tekin, F. V. Frujeri, N. Joshi, M. Pollefeys

Adaptive Reordering Sampler with Neurally Guided MAGSAC
T. Wei, J. Matas, D. Barath

Generalized Differentiable RANSAC
T. Wei, Y. Patel, A. Shekhovtsov, J. Matas, D. Barath

IntrinsicNeRF: Learning Intrinsic Neural Radiance Fields for Editable Novel View Synthesis
W. Ye, S. Chen, C. Bao, H. Bao, M. Pollefeys, Z. Cui, G. Zhang

Human from Blur: Human Pose Tracking from Blurry Images
Y. Zhao, D. Rozumnyi, J. Song, O. Hilliges, M. Pollefeys, M. Oswald