3D Scene Understanding


  • OpenMask3D: Open-Vocabulary 3D Instance Segmentation (NeurIPS 2023) [project]
  • 3D Segmentation of Humans in Point Clouds with Synthetic Data (ICCV 2023) [project]
  • OpenScene: 3D Scene Understanding with Open Vocabularies (CVPR 2023) [project]
  • Mask3D: Mask Transformer for 3D Semantic Instance Segmentation (ICRA 2023) [project]
  • Box2Mask: Weakly Supervised 3D Semantic Instance Segmentation Using Bounding Boxes (ECCV 2022) [project]

Additional materials

  • 'OpenSUN3D' 1st Workshop on Open-Vocabulary 3D Scene Understanding ICCV workshop [presentations]