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Course Description

Brief Description :

In this doctoral seminar, current research at the Institute for Visual Computing will be presented and discussed. The goal is to learn about current research projects at our institute, to strengthen our expertise in the field, to provide a platform where research challenges can be discussed, and also to practice scientific presentations.

Course Setup :

The seminar takes place in the spring and autumn semester.

Prerequisites :

This course requires solid knowledge in the area of Computer Graphics and Computer Vision as well as state-of-the-art research.

Performance assessment :

Ungraded semester performance. Presence is mandatory (75% of the seminar talks, i.e., 9 out of 12) to pass the seminar. Presence is formally controlled. Every participant has to present his/her research once a year.

Schedule :
Date Name
February 23 Introduction
March 01 Talk by Dr. Daniel Barath
March 08 Talk by Dr. Francis Engelmann
March 15 Fischer Tobias, Pataki Zador
March 22 Deng Xiang, Xu Haofei
April 12 Chang Pascal, Li Siyuan
April 19 Dorda Daniel, Gruber Aurel
April 26 Huang Shengyu, Yang Lingchen
May 03 Lingens Lasse, Liu Shaohui
May 10 Magne Tanguy, Pan Linfei
May 17 Relic Lucas, Ye Botao
May 24 Zhang Yani, Sharma Rajesh
May 31 Chen Jiaqi, Yang Chen

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